Monday, 21 July 2008

Stempel Award

Oh my gosh, wow, wow, wow another award, I feel all glowing. Thanks go to Linda this time, for this very beautiful Arty Stempel Award.
With this I have to nominate 3 people who I think deserve it. There are some people who I know have already got it, so my 3 are.

Ruth A very nice lady who makes lovely cards and amazing Scrap page layouts.

Wendy What this woman can't do with a Cuttlebug folder isn't worth doing.

Chrissy Fairly new to Blogging she is not only a talented card maker she makes Wedding favours as well which are something else.


Christine said...

Hi Gail,

Oh gosh thank you so much I am thrilled this is my second award so really pleased with that I started Blogging. I have 400 plus hits on my blog now in just 4 weeks so it wont be long before some milestones are reached and some blog candy going.


Wendy said...

Thank you Gail